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Brian Lovins, Drums

Brian Lovins provides the foundation of the groove. Growing up in Nashville, Brian was exposed to all kinds of music through his dad, a professional piano player. Brian’s early interest in the Beatles, Grand Funk Railroad and, of course, Kiss, led to musical tastes ranging from Led Zeppelin and Rush to Miles Davis and Chick Corea. Brian studied privately with popular Nashville drummers such as Harry Wilkinson, Chris Peak, and Boo McAfee before studying percussion at the University of Miami. Since beginning his professional career, Brian has toured North America several times, including two “really, really cold” Canadian winter tours with country-rockers Fulco County Line, and spent five years in Los Angeles as a session player. Brian has been in Phoenix since 1996 and joined the Groove Merchants in 1998. Brian plays TJS Custom Drums and Paiste cymbals that sound really good.